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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Morning!

Brinson had a great evening. They bumped her steroid back up a bit and so they can start the weening process over again. Her BP mean is in the 30's...not the teens too low. WooWoo!

The nurse told me this morning she is sleeping and saturating her O2 at 97%.

So it is a happy morning.

Who couldn't love a face like this one?

BTW today we find out if she is going to drink some sterile water.....testing the waters so to speak.....before we move on to MILK!!!!


Mommy said...

Ok Brinny Brin Brin....I'm just gonna chant "Goooooo Intestines gooooooooooo!" all day! Don't ask me why on earth I have come up with that nickname either...One day I was looking at her and it just fell outta my mouth. Makes me laugh everytime I call her that. Thank you all for the love, support and prayers that you have given all of us. It's so nice to know that Brin has such a following. I feel like the mother of a movie star! And by the way, I saw her cry for the first time yesterday..complete with tears. Mommy was crying right along side her. Talk about tough. She was just mad and did NOT want to be messed with, but they had to assess her etc. Maybe today will be better.

Meme said...

The Big Bad Wolf said open the door or I will blow your house down, and the pigs said I won't open the door not for a hair on my "chinny, chin, chin". Maybe this is where you got it. lol

Now that you have had that moment of tears with Brinny you have one more thing to add to what you have shared with each other.

Love you all,

The Baldwin Family said...

What a great picture and we are so happy that she had a good night last night and a good morning too. I like Brinson's nickname from Mommy...we mom's really come up with some good ones...I'm calling Zachary "Mr. Cheeky Cheeky Cheeky"! We feel so lucky to have become friends with you guys and are happy that we all can be there for each other during this special rollercoaster time. Love you guys!