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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Making progress in other areas

Brinson may have had a set back with her lungs, but her O2 is down to 60%. So that is progress.

But likely she has an infection, so it may take her a bit to recover. We won't find out for 24-72 hours.

But the real news is we have small poop!!! This means she is digesting, which means she will lose her copper tone tan. The tan goes away because the direct bilirubin levels in the liver go down. YEAH!!!!

stay tuned....


Meme said...

I know it is tough on you guys but keep doing what you have been with prayers, encouragement and lots of love. It won't be too long before she has some real "poop" for you to change. Love you so much and can hardly wait until I meet her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa & Ned, Love keeping up with "Brin's Blog"...but all these ups and downs are scary for me just reading about the them. I can't imagine what you are going thru on a daily basis. Hang in there. She's a cutey and she's already proven that she's tough stuff. I know it will be months but can't wait to see her. JoAnne

The Baldwin Family said...

Just wait until they call her "Princess Poops a Lot!!" Did you guys ever think you'd be cheering over poop? We didn't. It's amazing how quickly our lives have changed, isn't it?

We're praying for all of you guys! Call or text us if you need us.

Kim & Stephen

Anonymous said...

Guess it has all been said but "OH Boy" poop what great news. soon the fun of several times a day.
Love Grandfather