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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Status quo

Over the last few days, not really much has changed. She does well at night, but because of her sensitivity to noise her O2 saturation during the day is mixed at best. The nurses joke she is not a morning person.

So she is doing no better or worse.

Yesterday they started her on Lasixs to try and get some fluid out of her lungs. If this is done, she should get better with the respirator and move closer to CPAP.

Oh yeah, no milk this weekend. They are waiting a few more days since there was blood in her stomach (2 days ago).....they want to make sure everything is ok and she is digesting.

She cannot get her own condo (isolette) until she is more stable with CPAP.

We were able to capture something funny the other day. Watch the eyebrows. Brinson only does this when she has the hiccups.

Later this evening the family is getting together for a non traditional Easter Dinner.
Happy Easter!!!

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Meme said...

Brinson is not a morning person, huh, that sounds like Lisa. Like mother like daughter...Good times will be coming soon.

Love ya,