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Monday, March 24, 2008

Brinson relaxing in NICU

Today, Brinson is doing pretty good. Lisa tells me she had her eyes open some of the day looking around (preemies see very little at this point, but she appears to look at us).

I just heard they are going to do an abdomen ultrasound on Thursday (15 days post operation and 3 weeks in this world). Probably they are trying to determine when she can eat.

Otherwise her vitals are pretty much the same. Lisa said she was sleeping.....which is good.

Here are a few more pictures and videos from yesterday. She just looks so comfortable.....with her hands over her head.

For about 20 minutes she had her eyes open and as responding to us....a little bit.


Wendy S said...

Hey Lisa & Ned,
Your precious baby looks better and better everyday!! I have now passed the Blog to two of my friends we are all watching!! We love the pictures, videos and updates!! Wendy Sullivan

Brandy said...

Hey Ned and Lisa,

I'm Brandy, Mark Kassems wife. Mark told me about your blog and I have to thank you both for allowing us to follow and share in the little princesses progress. Brinson is so beautiful and very lucky to have loving, wonderful parents like you. I check in each morning with bated breath to view the progress and can't wait to see the pictures and videos that you post. We send our love and prayers to you all and may God keep you close in times of worry and stress. Brandy Kassem

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to hear that Brinson had a restful night. That is so important to her healing.

We continue to remember all three of you in our prayers.

Stephen's mom.