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Monday, March 24, 2008

Mixed day

Today started good, but end poorly. So another mixed day. Hopefully she gets a good night rest with Susan at her side.

Brinson had some good loving on by Donna the NP and Beverly the respiratory tech. Just about everytime Brinson had trouble, Bev would talk to her with her soothing voice and let Brinson hold her pinky finger. Brinson loved it and settled right into a slumber.

Late this evening her BP was low and her saturation was all over the place. BTW the BP is probably low because of the changes in her steroid. They have been weening her off, but they went down 2 steps today. So they will go back up 3 and start weening see if she can tolerate the change.

Everything is a balance.....Acid, BP, CO2, O2, Saline in, Pee out....etc!!!!!

Lisa called on the way home and she is already doing better....with the unit quieting down. That is good.

They think she gets over stimulated......and just starts reacting to everything.

PS A Big Thanks to Aunt Barb for the Flowers, Candy and Bunny!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Zaldivar family,
Brinson has become more a daily topic than American Idol. I forwarded the blog address to our church and everyone is praying for Brinson to get that first bottle of mommy's milk. May God's love and peace be with you.