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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not a good day!

Well it seems at ~3am, Brinson started having trouble saturating her oxygen and they had to turn it up to 100% and were not able to lower it. But her BP was good and she was wiggling a lot.

So this morning they decided to paralyze her, like after surgery, so she can rest. Since then they have been able to ween her down to 88%. They also grabbed blood and fluids and preliminarily there are no infections. She does have a lot of fluids in her lungs. They are not sure if it is pneumonia or just excess fluid from being on the vent. They may try lasix again to see if that will dry her out bit.

Mom and Dad are sure stressed, but Brinson seems to be sleeping now, which is good.

Keep the prayers and thoughts coming....


kd said...

Hopefully that's just the stress of moving, and she'll settle into her new quiet surrounding and bounce right back.

- Thinking happy thoughts.

Anonymous said...

You three are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jennifer (KD's coworker)

Anonymous said...

Ned & Lisa,
So sorry to hear about the setback... only good thoughts and lots of prayers coming your way. I'm with KD.... she is just getting used to her environment!!!
Love to all...

MARY SONES said...

Hey kids-sorry to hear that today took a little turn, but we are all still praying for the 3 of you. We are sitting here in Florida. Tammy, Ashley, Kellee and I are all sending our prayers your way. Wish there was more we could do. Just keep your chins up, and know there are prayers coming from all over the world for you and your precious little angel.
Love ya Mary Sones