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Friday, March 28, 2008

Doing better on the O2...

Well we came in this morning and Brinson is down to 29% on the Oxygen. Yeah!!!! We have not seen the 20's since her perforation, more than 2 weeks ago.

She is still paralyzed and planning to stay that way for now. She is starting to get a bit puffy. The medicine does that. Also the x-ray of her lungs is much better this morning....

Last night they did an Lumbar Puncture to make sure she does not have spinal meningitis. I think the results take 24 hours to get back.

Today we picked up Cooper, her twin, on the way in to the hospital. He is resting next to Brinson. They have been together their wholes lives except for these past 3 weeks, so we only thought it appropriate that he is with her.

Here is Kim Baldwin (Zachary is her son and former pod mate of Brinson) coming over to visit Brinson in her new quiet pod. It is hard for me to get a good photo....those ladies like to avoid the camera.


Meme said...

I bet the two of you have been planning play dates for Brinson and Zach...Lean on each other when you need to and things will be alot easier for you.


The Baldwin Family said...

More pictures of your beautiful daughter and less pictures of me (and my backside), please! We were so glad to hear all the good news today. Dinner was great too (we're still full!)

We're praying that we all have another good day tomorrow.

Kim & Stephen