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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, March 28, 2008

Doing well this morning

We called this morning and Brinson had a nice quiet night. They tried to make some changes on the respirator and she did not like them (probably rate). But if there is a bunch of fluid still in her lungs likely it will take some time before the rate can be adjusted.

But her O2 is down to 36% and she is still processing some of the pedialyte (like gatorade for kids). It is on a continuous stimulate her.

This is definitely going to be a setback for her. Only time well tell how well she can recover. This is now 4 insults she has had to recover from....PDA, Perforation, Lack of Pee and Infection?.

Brinson is a fighter and she is not giving up!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! I have definitely been keeping up with Brinson's blog. I read it at least once a day. She sure is a fighter. I would like to know how much she is weighing now? Let me know. She looks like she is getting so much bigger and it's only been 3 weeks. It seems so much longer than that.
Take care
Julie Paulson

mariannekrancher said...

Praying for you both along with yuor baby girl Brinson...Bless her little heart, but as you said...she is a little fighter, and God is watching over her...I just know it! before you know it, you'll be meeting Kim & Zachary at the park for a play date! Bless you ALL!
(a friend of Kim's)