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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All Quiet on the NICU Front

As I am sitting in the new pod I realize I hear something I have never heard.....the respirator machine. It sort of sounds like a vaccum on low....very low setting.

It was so loud in the other pod that Lisa could barely hear me talking at times.

One thing that you really notice is there is a wall between the other pods. That makes a huge difference. In this quiet pod, you cannot hear anything from another pod. That means Brinson only has to hear 3 other babies machines. In the other pod you could hear about 15 babies machines, sometimes all at once.

Well if you were like me, I looked at the other picture and thought to myself "how is it different?" The location is different, but everything else is exactly the same. All of that stuff except the monitor on the right moved with her as a unit.... well with 6 people (4 nurses and 2 techs) helping. I bet seeing the move would have been scary.

She seems to be loving her new pod. Some good news is she is still digesting the 1.5cc of sterile water every 3 hours....woowoo!!!

Here is another Hiccup Video. She is just so cute.
If you listen closely you can hear Lisa laughing quietly.

One thing we will miss in the new pod is Zachary, Kim and Stephen. They are still in the same unit but not for long. Zachary is doing so well, he will be upstairs in Level 2 before you know it. We will still see them....likely everyday!

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Anonymous said...

So glad Brinson is enjoying her new home. Quiet is good!! Each day is a new wonder. Keep up the good work!