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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yesterday was a long day

Brinson had a long day. Eventually by late afternoon she just needed to rest. It was very loud and lately she seems to be quite sensitive to noise. It also did not help with a new Nurse and PA that did not know her. They thought for sometime in the afternoon that something was going on with her. But the surgeon and night nurse reassurred everyone....she is doing fine. Thanks Dr. Minkes and Barbara.

By the evening with morphine on board she had been tucked into a nice sleepy self.

Here are a few shots of her in a cocoon made up by the night nurse, Barbara. Both the Baldwin's as well as us love her. She really loves her job and likes to fuss over our children.

BTW the glove has beans in it to make it feel like a real hand. Preemies like boundaries well most of the time.....every baby is different.

Later on before we left for the even Lisa uncovered her a bit. Look at the grip on the pulse oxygen sensor. Probably a good simulation of the umbilical cord in this position. If you notice she is on left her side. Barbara and Tiffany (NICU nurses) do good job of making sure Brin gets other positions....most of other nurses do not. How would you like to be on your back 24x7...without being able to move. BTW this was the first time we got to see her back.

After her arm gets uncovered she really gets comfortable by slinging that right arm in any old position.

Here she is gripping her sensor.


Meme said...

I just love these pictures. She looks so comfortable with her arm hugging the pillow (it looks like that anyway). I know the two of you need a little down time and glad that you are getting it. Your little princess is in really good hands. Love you both, Mom

Anonymous said...

HI Guys, Thanks for keeping us informed about Brin's progress. She's just adorable and looks like she's filling out (not the arms though) a bit. I did notice the eyebrows and I think I see Ned's hairline.. haha. Glad you're taking some breaks and am very glad that you are bonding with the other "preemie" parents..more great support!! JoAnne