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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Morning check

Brinson is doing fine this morning. Her vitals looks good. Her CO2 is down which is good and means she is making progress with the settings on the respirator.

The urine output has slowed from 14cc/hr to 8cc/hr. (average per hour should be 2cc) The have done an ultrasound of her kidneys (follow up from the other day) and a chest x-ray.

Her bilirubin is up, which could mean she needs more photo therapy. I know they are planning to test her liver functions. It is possible the TPN (protein via IV) could be giving her Liver is ultimately Brin will be on it should not be an issue long term.

BTW Mommy slept really good. She goes through cycles where she goes and goes like an energizer bunny and then it finally catches up. I think she slept 10hours last night.

Lisa did her first wash for the baby. That is standard practice in the NICU to send home laundry of bedding they use in Brinson's bed. I think Lisa really enjoyed it.

Otherwise still progressing....more later.


Linda Inglett said...

I finally made here to the blog, I have been checking everyday by phone about this precious little girl..."you both are very blessed" with Brinson, I know your Grandma Betty is proud !! and she is watching over her.

I am so happy for you both !! I have been praying everyday. Your Mom is on cloud Nine, trust me...everyday I have talked with all about Brinson...
I wish there was something I could do, but praying is the only source right now for everyone that is supporting you both..
I send kisses and hugs, and I know she is going to be a sweet little girl like you were. Your were just adorable, and cute. Your were the Clifton's heart and dreams.
I am always thinking of you, so just remember...I love you so much and I am here for you anytime.

All, my friends ask me everyday, how is Brinson, she is everyones little girl right now.

Thanks for sharing her with us, and keeping this blog going..
Your just great parents...and she is so lucky to have both of you

With all my love and hugs to you both....special hug for Brinson...
Love your
Aunt Linda
From Savannah Ga.
Mary's sister too !!!
Grandma's sister Too !!
Brinson name came from my Mom !! TOO...Betty Clifton , missed so much.

Paige M said...

Your website is so awesome. I find myself going to it more than!! Thanks so much for sharing all the news. I am falling in love with Brinson, can't wait to meet her personally!