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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hello Pacifier

Well it seems Brinson has a new talent. Yes you guessed it is the sucking reflex.

This morning we came in to a much more comfortable Brinson. Barbara the nurse last night determined Brin is quite sensitive to sound so she put some cotton balls over her ears.

The ear muffs and pacifier has really got her more relaxed.

They have begun lowering her oxygen to get her back to room air. Her BP is up this am, but they think as the fluid comes down and steroid is removed the BP will lower.

Overall the swelling is down, her lung sounds are better and her color is much improved. She is still peeing so they did increase her fluids to ensure she does not dehydrate.

Today we also go a good look at her RIGHT eye. Kinda looks like she is possessed....which is normal. Babies don't real control over the eyes for quite some time. Her LEFT eye is still swollen.

The have also adjusted her position so she is laying on her left side. This will help with moving the excess fluids as well.

Mommy is definitely much happier this we are all happy.

More photos and videos....yeah

1 comment:

Barb said...

I am so happy Brinson, Mom and Dad are happier. My stress notch has gone down one too.... AMEN!

So many new talents... and hair!

Delighted in her progress... my love and prayers for all.