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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2 weeks old!

Today Brinson is two weeks old or 1 day shy of 26 weeks of life.

She is beginning to act more like a child everyday. For instance the sensitivity that I explained earlier ("Touch me nots") and now she is yawning and strecthing her arms.

Here liver functions are definitely elevated because of the bilirubin. This cannot be fixed by photo therapy. She will need to start drinking milk (probably this weekend) and then her liver with get rid of the bilirubin. In the meantime her eyes will start to get yellow and her skin will turn green/bronze color. So don't be alarmed with the photos.

Today she is doing well overall.


Meme said...

WOW!!! She will start drinking milk and you will see a big improvement in her...."Satisfaction" is the key word for Brinson when she starts drinking milk..Lisa keep on pumping that little girl will be drinking up a storm when she gets a taste (sort of) of your milk that you have been freezing for her....Love you all, Mom

Kathy said...

Hey Ned and Lisa,
I am out visiting with Jenn. We went to Sedona and went to a beautiful chapel in the rocks. We lit some candles and prayed for Brinson while we were there. We are constantly thinking about and praying for you all. We are so glad Brinson is having some good days.
Much love, Kathy

Linda Inglett said...

Wow, this is so amazing of this precious little girl Brinson, is fighter...this is in the Brinson name...right Lisa??? I sure do love you sweety, and so proud of your little girl....she is going to be fine and dandy and you will never have to look back at any bad just good.

Ned, to you sweety, congrats to you for this little girl..and I already see that little girl wrapped around your finger...what??? this is

Well, thank you so much for making this happen of seeing and being apart of this with you two...

God bless you three.......
Happy Easter, with love
Aunt Linda
Savannah Ga.