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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, March 17, 2008

Brinson pulls pacifier!

Well I did not believe it, but it is definitely reproducible. Brin pulled out her pacifier 4 times within 1-2 minutes of putting in her mouth. I was able to capture it on the 4th time. She is pretty quick and I missed it the third time while adjusting my chair!

But here she is in action.....our sweetie pie. Enjoy!


Mary Sones said...

Hey Kids- things are looking better all the time. You are all in our prayers. Brin is looking cuter all the time, she is beautiful. I know MEME is really looking forward to seeing her, she is trying so hard to get well herself so she can be there with all of you. It won't be long. Prayers to continue. Kellee and Tammy both say hi, and are praying for you also. You just won't believe all the prayers that are being said for all of you. Prayers do work miricles. Pacifier is great- she has a mind of her own. Just wait until she gets a little older( look out- I know you can't wait) Mary Sones

The Baldwin Family said...

We don't think you are going to have to worry about her being too dependent on the pacifier! That video is soooo cute! Thanks again for Zachary's little friend for his baby condo!
Kim & Stephen

Barb said...

Quick... get her to try out as a pitcher in the majors... I think there is real talent there.

Gosh... what a miracle she is...
WE won't stop praying... but she is looking so good!!
Love, b