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Monday, March 17, 2008

A closer look at Brinson

Brinson is doing well this evening. She had 2 more visitors (Grammy and Grandfather). We all went to dinner between the 630 and 745 shift change.

But before they arrived we took some more photos of Brinson. Does she have more hair? Lisa thinks so....I am not sure.

The night nurse got her nice in comfortable before we left....and she started opening her eyes.
What a cutie pie!!!

Take a look at this video....All I see is nose, but Lisa swears it looks like she is talking.

BTW All her vitals are stable; she is up to 14cc an hour... that is a lot of pee. The average should be 2cc an hour. They are planning to do another ultrasound of her kidneys. Her BP is now back to where it was before the surgery....yeah!!!! They will be continuing to lower her respirator settings to get her closer to CPAP (to remember what it looks like go here) They tried an arterial line today, but no luck. The nurse practitioner said it was better but still not usable. They will try again in a few days. I think they are going to remove the umbilical line soon. The problem is without another arterial line in place they will have to stick her every time they need to check blood levels. Also the ivy in the left hand was not usable anymore so it was pulled today. Luckily the PICC line in her foot is still good.

Otherwise everything is going well.


Mom said...

She looks like she has more hair to me too Ned. She is growing right before our eyes. She just keeps getting more adorable with every picture. Love ya, Mom

Leann said...

I agree does look like more hair. It is so amazing watching her grow like this. We love you guys. Leann, Seth and Brayson