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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Touch me nots!

Brinson has the "touch me nots!" That means if you touch her or mess with her she tells you that she does not like not saturating her oxygen. Above you see me staying clear of my daughter.

It was a long and stressful day for both of us. Every visit for me...she just seemed agitated and was not saturated her oxygen consistently. Apparently preemies just do this. But for Brinson this is new.

Well tonight they wanted to do another lumbar puncture.....Brinson said hell no....and guess what they could not do it.

Later this evening Lisa and I were able to get some quiet time with her and she was doing just fine. Grampa and Nana also had a visit and the nurse said they just talked really softly to her....and Brinson loved it.

BTW her x-ray and ultrasound both we no problems there. The next brain scan is Thursday.


Barb said...

We all new Brinson was strong. Daddy has already learned to behave! You go girl!


Meme(Mom) said...

I can just imagine how hard it is for the two of you to just look at her and not hold her. I read an email the other day that was sent to me from a friend and I want to quote a little from it that might help in some way...Brinson has an undeveloped nervous system, essentially 'raw' and the lightest kiss or caress only intensifies her discomfort at this time. Just remember that during these first few weeks of her life when her nerves are too sensitive for you, God will be holding Brinson on His chest and his loving ways she will remember always.

Love you all so much, Mom

Anonymous said...

I just read your email and went to this is beautiful, just like Brinson. You are doing an awsome job keeping us updated....what a great set of parents! I pray for ya'll everyday and I hope to see you soon!
God Bless your entire family,
Laura (L&D nurse)

Heather said...

WOW - I can't believe she is 2 weeks old already!
thanks for the continuous updates, it is making me feel like I am there with you guys.
Remember you have lots of persons pulling for her and you guys, people that you don't even know... so keep your spirits up.