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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update on tests...

The CT was normal. The Neurologist should see her tonight and do an overall assessment.

The EKG was done, but no results yet. The echo will be done tomorrow.

The gut does show some improvement meaning the contrast on the xray shows less in the small intestines; like we have movement. Still not enough improvement to feed her and we still have to wait 3 weeks if surgery becomes necessary.

Otherwise Brinson is humming right along....her oxygen requirements have been as low as 28% today. At 400pm she was sitting at 31%.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update... wouldn't it be great if Little Brin got the 'ol pipes working on her own.

As always, you are in my prayers.
Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

Hey- progress is in the making.
Brinson is such a little fighter, if there is a miricle, it is her.
It won't be long and everyone will be looking back, and saying can't believe all she( you) have gone through. Prays are still flowing. Not a day goes by that someone ask how is Brinson and family doing. YOu are all in our prayers.

KD said...

Happy Day Zero!!!!!!

Happy sort-of birthday to Brin.
Happy sort-of birthday to Brin.
Happy sort-of biiiiirthday, dear princess.
Happy sort-of birthday to Brin.

Anonymous said...

KD YOu beat me to it.... I realized today was the "due date".... So now Brin is official!!!

Brin, I am glad we have had this extra time to love you!!
Aunt B