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Saturday, June 28, 2008

New pics & New prayers

Mommy's toes with Brinson's Initials.

All this stuff smashes my face, but I am still a cutie pie!

Brinson has 2 different infections in her blood. She is getting a wide spread of antibiotics because they do not know what kind of bug it is yet. They are not sure if her central line will have to come out. The central line is used to give her nutrition, blood and medication. So it is pretty important. If it has to come out she will need new lines.

She also has an obstruction and will need to have bowel surgery. The timing of the bowel surgery depends on how she is reacting to the antibiotics. The urgency is brought on by the contrast not moving through her system.

Also she will likely have another ostomy for 8 weeks after this bowel surgery due to the fact that that they will be doing her surgery 2 weeks early. The bowels require rest or they can be damaged and will heal with a stricture or blockage and then you start over again.

In the meantime, Brinson is doing ok. She has had a few episodes of not breathing, but not too bad and she is still on CPAP. If she gets to a point where she is working to hard to breath they will re-intubate her (go back on the vent/respirator). But she looks good, she is awake looking at Mommy and Daddy and sucking on her pacifier. So I feel like if we can get the bowel un-obstructed then she can fight anything.

So I am calling for all your thoughts and prayers for Brinson.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of Brinson...check !
Praying for Brinson...check!
Will she beat this too !....CHECK!!
She is cute even smoosh-faced. She is filling out her new clothes nicely,love the bow.Thanks for the pictures and update.

Anonymous said...

Ned and Lisa,
We all praying for you and Brinson! (and fast acting antibiotics :-) You are always in our thoughts. Love the adorable green outfit! Love you Guys, Jenn and gang