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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, June 23, 2008

Big day

Brinson is having a big day today. She is getting an Upper GI test to determine if she has a stricture or blockage in her intestines and then a neuro consult.

In ~36hours prior to 1030pm last night she had not had a major episode....which is very good. The frequency seems to be slowing down. Also Brin continues to make good progress on her oxygen requirements (only 44% last night)

My take on this is, as soon as the belly is fixed and all the extra fluid is removed then the episodes will go away and we will get back on track.

Look at those eyes! At had been quite some time since we have seen Brinson this awake.
Daddy is talking to me
Mommy is talking to me...High Five!
I was able to capture this moment where Mommy and Daughter are looking at each other. Very cool!


The Baldwin Family said...

She's so beautiful! We love the high five and the one of her and Lisa looking at each other. Love, love, love the new pictures.

Kim, Stephen & Zachary

Mommy said...

And I thought I couldn't possibly love her more.....she is our miracle.

Anonymous said...

Hope the tests show an easy fix so we can get this little girl HOME!!

Pics are great... Lisa, that is a wonderful picture with Brinson... my NEWEST desk top screen....
Aunt B

Anonymous said...

Hi, Brinson is getting prettier every time I check your blog. She has the greatest big eyes,just to look at her mom and dad the best friends she has. Your Aunt Linda and I talk about her all the time. Your Aunt's friend,Tilda

Anonymous said...

I don't know how she can get any more beautiful ! Especially love the pic of her and mom looking at each other. It speaks volumes. How loved this little princess is !
Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of this miracle ! Meeting Lisa at long last was wonderful, but when Zachary, James, Aubrey and Noah's moms (aka. Kim, Nancy, Jessica and Laura) walked in, we were living the "blog". Can't forget the army of grandmothers too, felt like I've known them always. Here's to a lasting friendship....
Today is Kristi's birthday, guess what she wants..good new about the scope and POOP ! Come on Brin, we're waiting to hear the next chapter..Big prayers coming your way.