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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lunch update

I was able to stop by at lunch at see Brinson. She was sleeping....which is good. Dr. Hernadez was at the bedside and was able to give me a full update.

The good news first:
- Eye test had the same results. Still watching the left eye, but no changes.
- Her upper GI allowed something in her system to start moving because she had 3 diapers yesterday evening.

The not so good news:
- Even though we have movement, it is not enough and they believe she has a stricture (narrowing of the intestines). The narrowing will need to be corrected with surgery. Dr. Minkes will see Brin today and let us know how long (could be up to 8 weeks from June 3rd, previous procedure) before we can do a surgery.

They have completed the EEG, but no results yet...except that her hair is curly because it has some funky wax in it from the electrodes they put on her head. The CT of her head is at 2pm. The neurologist will come tomorrow and review all above test results and let us know his thoughts.

Brin will also have a follow up on her heart with an echo and EKG.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear the good news, love that poop...
Hope she opens up on her own, she has been through so much. We are all rooting for her. You go Brin !

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear there is some movement coming through.... I just wish it all would clear up on its own!! Wouldn't that be wonderful.

Take care,
Love, Aunt B