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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Under the warmer again...

Brinson got cold.....fighting off those bugs. She has been moved from the crib to a warmer. They actually gave Brinson's crib to Noah (cleaned it of course).

She is a bit sleepy tonight. She had a big day listening to Mommy, Daddy and Meme at the bedside. Entertaining your parents and grandparents is a big job. Nana and Abuelo are visiting this evening.

We dressed up the warmer with a new quilt courtesy of my Aunt Barb, I guess that would be Great Aunt Barb to Brinson. Thanks a bunch it looks great.


Anonymous said...

Sweet dreams Princess...
Be warm, rest well and feel our love and prayers...
You will be back on track before you know,TBFC

Anonymous said...

So glad you could use the blanket. With as many wishes as each stitch carries... Brin will be well in no time. I love you guys... she will be well soon.. and we all will say.. remember when.

I am off to be with Pat and the family...

We will be checking on Brin daily.

My love to you all... Aunt B

Heather said...

Hi guys,
Catching up on my Brinson news and see that you have had a hectic week or so while I was in Colombia.... I will be thinking of ya'll and praying for her to fight off the infection.
Ned - so sorry to read about your uncle. my thoughts are with your family.
hugs to you both from Phily

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayer remain with all 3 of you. Brinson is definitely a strong fighter and I'm sure will recover and talk about going home with mommy and daddy will soon again begin.
Ned sorry to hear about your uncle. My prayers are also with you.