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Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy Daddy

I have had a very very busy week. One of my customers needed help and I have been so busy that sleep became a priority and I am working on my day off. On top of that I also have poision ivy and it is very angry (big bubbles). But enough about is all about Brinson!

Brinson has been doing ok. Her followup on her heart showed much improvement (no hear thickening and the ASD is smaller) Awesome!!!! Brin also is is just over 5 1/2 lbs. Unfortunately I was unable to visit with my daughter yesterday but Mommy, Meme and Nana did.

Lately Brin has developed a viral infection (maybe) that has caused her core temperature to be elevated (last night and today) up to as high as 101+ and she has red splotchy skin. The have drawn blood and taken urine...based on how she acted they think it could be a urinary infection. She is on antibiotics and is acting better than early this morning.

Mommy and Meme are up there today and I will follow after my 5pm conference call.

On a very sad note, my Uncle Jack passed away yesterday. He was in a motorcycle crash at a motor speedway. He loved motorcycles (racing, riding, buying, fixing...etc). We are so very sad and we will miss you Uncle JACK! Our thoughts and prayers are with Aunt Pat and my cousins Kathy & Jennifer.


Anonymous said...

Great news about the heart....
Sorry about the viral infection....
Can't believe how big she is getting!!!!

Daddy.. where did you get PI?? Hope you don't take after me....

Everybody take a deep breath... all our prayers and love...
Aunt Barb

Anonymous said...

Sorry Daddy about the Poison Ivy. We will have to get Brinson home soon to keep you out of trouble!!!

It is true when they say God Listens!! She is too cute! Keep the pictures to see them.

Sorry for your loss of Uncle Jack. Brinson has another Angel watching over her now.

Keep us posted,


Anonymous said...

Our sympathy to your whole family. Didn't know Jack, but sounds like he died doing what he loved, who can ask for more. Bet Cooper is hangin on behind him.
Good news about Brinson,what'
s a little viral infection after what she has done. she's getting there...Happy kinda birthday Brin(belated)!
Sounds like daddy needs an
Aveeno bath...
Our prayers continue for the whole family. love, dy