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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Status quo!

Brinson is doing pretty well today. She is just starting to realize she is on the vent and is not liking it. Which is good and bad at the same time. There is really nothing to help her feel better but good because she is breathing over the vent and hopefully she will be able to move to CPAP right away.

Today Melissa, nurse practitioner, talked about Bottle Feeding, HOME and O2. Likely in 2 weeks after the surgery they will start with bottle feeds this assumes the surgery goes great and she moves off the CPAP. She also talked about HOME and that Brinson will likely need O2 for a little bit. Very big steps still left to do, but still neat that they are talking about it.

Brinson is just over 12 weeks old and 36 weeks of life. Her term date is June 26th. We will still reference the latter until she goes home and will have 16 extra weeks to achieve milestones because she is a preemie. Meaning if she is supposed to be walking in X months old, we get to X months + 16weeks to achieve walking.

UPDATE on other babies:
Today James headed over to Texas Children's for some specialized eye surgery....keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. We had lunch/dinner with Chris and Nancy today. They are such delightful and brave people.

Tomorrow we go visit with the Baldwin's. If you remember we shared a pod with them. We understand Zachary is doing great.....I guess we find out tomorrow.

Tomorrow Aubrey and clan are staying overnight in the hospital before they go home on Monday. We hope to visit with them in the hospital.

Also Noah is doing great, we saw Mama Laura holding for the first time since his PDA surgery.


Anonymous said...


Got everyone praying for Brinson in Savannah Ga, all friends at hospitals St. Josephs, they are unable to post due to restrictions from hospital computers of course.

You and YOurs also in my prayers.

With much love to you sweety....
Aunt Linda
Savannah Ga....
Everyone sends their love and prayers.....

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot.....tell sister hello.....and my love goes to her too.....Shes is a natural granny.....

Love you all
Savannah Ga