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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This evening I got a chance to hold Brinson. I was not sure it was going to happen but as you can see below it did. There is a new admit next to Brinson (Brandon) and it was really hopping in the pod.

Brandon weighs 4kilos. That is over twice what Brinson weighs now. He is huge. Well it seems he had some trouble breathing....but now is just fine. While I was there he went on the vent and off the vent in 2 hours. Size and age play a big factor. Though he will be here a few days to make sure all is ok. He will be going home very very quickly.

Brinson is going to have at least 2 procedures by next week. The first procedure will be a central line. It will be used to monitor and give blood to Brinson. She will need this line for the 2nd procedure. The 2nd procedure is to put her intestines back together. Both the first and second procedure will require her to be on the vent again.

BTW she will not be eating anything after the procedure for 7 to 10 days....and then we start all over on the feeds.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Brinson has made good steps on the CPAP. They have lowered the pressure from 12 to 10 and now 8 today. That is good. Hopefully she will do the minimum time on the vent and get right back on CPAP.

They also went up on her feeds from 11cc per hour to 12 cc per hour, continuously.

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kathy said...

What itty bitty dainty sneezes those were!! Too cute, so glad she is doing so well.