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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting closer to 4lbs

After a nice rest the day before, yesterday I went to see Brinson. (Mommy and Meme are still under the weather and stayed home.) She is doing quite well. I held her for about 1/2 hour before PDA surgery for Noah started. (He did wonderful so no worries there)

Her eye exam is better. She is now Zone 2 and Stage 2. With Stage 1 and Stage 2 you still do nothing, but being in zone 2 is so much better.

They also did a barium test of her bowels to make sure everything is still working. And yes it is still working.

After having dinner with the Rahman's (thanks guys, I owe you)....I headed home.

Lisa called in late last night and Brin now weighs 3lbs 13.6oz.

Look at her hands, they are getting so chunky.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you guys are a bit more rested. Nice to hear that our little Brin is gaining, and her ROP is better. I know you needed your rest... but happy to see new info!!
Love, B