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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Early morning scare

This morning we were awakened by the Doctors at 6am because Brinson decided to have an apnea/bradycardia episode. They pulled out all the stops to see what is wrong with her.

She has been moved to a warmer (out of the incubator), they have started her on antibiotics and taken blood & urine cultures.

They also stopped her feeds and raised her CPAP back to 10.

The speculation is it could be an infection (but nothing in her blood work at 4am and 630am suggests that. (white blood count is low and almost no bands). So if not an infection, it could be the change in CPAP combined with the fact that she has been a bit anemic. So likely it is the later, but only time will tell. They plan to give her blood today and we will wait and see how she acts.

I visited with Brinson this morning and she looked pretty good. She was waving her arms trying to get out of the CPAP as usual, she was sleeping, grinning and sucking. After visiting, I feel pretty good that Brinson is doing fine.

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The Baldwin Family said...

We're praying for little Brinson. Hopefully she does not have an infection and this was just a brief lapse in remembering to breathe and not anything more serious. Love you guys!