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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Outside the incubator...

Outside the incubator because of Brinson's early morning episode, she has to deal with noise, no food and multiple IVs. That is the price to pay.

If she does well tonight, then they will probably start her feeds back up. In the meantime, they started the lipids and TPN via IV. She also has received 1 transfusion and will get one more later tonight.

Since Mommy and Meme are not coming tonight, I am posting a bunch of photos and videos.

Look Mommy another grin!!!

The white bean bag pressed against the pacifier is used to prop it up.

Brinson getting Sweeties.
Sweeties is a sucrose liquid used to calm preemies.

1 comment:

Mommy said...

Mommy misses you punkin. I am trying so hard to get well so I can come see you. You are such a fighter. Think happy thoughts and Meme and I will be there hopefully tomorrow. *hugs and kisses to my lil monkey*