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Monday, May 26, 2008

Mommy and Daddy take a rest

Today, Mommy, Daddy and Meme take a rest. I guess we have been worn down over the last few weeks and now we don't feel so good. Nana, Grampa and Grammy took over down at the hospital today with a nice long visit.

The excitement of the day was going in and out of the isolette. What I mean is Brinson got cold after her bath and was unable to get warmed up fast enough. So they moved her back to an unenclosed warmer (like at the beginning). That only lasted about 12hrs and now she is back in a warmer.

Oh yeah, we found more out about the ROP. She has stage 1 and zone 1. Zone 1 is in the center of the eye and can affect her vision. So the stage 1 is good, meaning that it has not progressed, but it would be better if it was zone2 or zone3....towards the outside of the eye. Tomorrow she has another eye examine. So keep Brinson in your thoughts and prayers and hope she does not need eye surgery and that the ROP has gotten better.


The Baldwin Family said...

Feel better guys! We're praying that her ROP resolves quickly and does not progress.


Kim, Stephen & Zachary

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa, Ned and Meme,
Hope you can take a little time and will feel much better. I can only imagine how tired you are... but that is why little Brin has 6 grandparents!! and all are so eager to help!

Will say some prayers regarding the ROP... and you guys get rested ! Love ya, Barb