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Thursday, July 3, 2008

New IV game

<----Photo is from June 29th (Day before surgery) Look at those huge cheekies!!!

Brinson has been playing the new IV game about every 2-6 hours since the central line has been pulled. She has been blowing through IVS because the volume is so high and her veins are just not that great.

They tried a PIC line this morning but were not lucky. They are likely going to do a another central line today. This will require a surgeon and going to OR.

Brinson has been progressing on the vent because her blood gases have been going well. She is now on a rate of 20-25bpm. They are preparing her for CPAP. The vent causes damage and the sooner you get her off the better. It is a balance and they do not want to push her too hard....she is still recovering from the surgery. Also her O2 requirements are still quite high at 84%...but have been as high as 100% because of her pain which has caused severe de-saturations and not breathing episodes. They think her pain management is under control....what a relief. The last 2 evenings we have been watching her grimace and cry.

BTW Please add Noah to your thoughts and prayers list. He has 2 infections as well.


Anonymous said...

Prayers are continuing and will continue for Brin and Noah. HOpe you can get a PIC or main line in her soon... so many things....


The Baldwin Family said...

Lots of prayers for you guys, Noah and his family and Ellie and her family. You guys are so amazing and lots of love is being sent your way as well prayers.

You are so blessed to have such a strong, fighting, sweet, beautiful daughter. We just love her cheeky, cheeky, cheekies! Of course we love all the rest of her too! Once you bring her h_ _ _, you will be amazed by how quickly the NICU memories are replaced by much happier events.

Thanks for updating the blog, we know things are tough and it's hard to have time and focus to organize your thoughts and write, and we appreciate your efforts. Just remember that Brinson's going to heal and get stronger and stronger. She's an amazing little girl!

We love you guys and pray for you more than you can imagine.

The Baldwins

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update, with all you are going thru, that you take the time to let all of us know how Brin is doing is awe-inspiring. We just ache to hear how she is, I can only imagine how you two must feel. Brin has come thru so much, she will get thru this too. The doctors/nurses will find a way to give her what she needs and she will be back on her way H___.
Brin and Noah are both fighters, braver than anyone I know.
We will continue to pray for both Brin and Noah.
God"s blessings,
love, dy

Anonymous said...

prayers are still flowing in Indiana. Talked to MeMe today, I hope she stays awhile longer. I know you all need each other. We girls need our mothers. Will add Noah to our prayers also. L0ve you all. Mary S.