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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, July 4, 2008

Our Little Firecracker!!!

Happy Independence Day!!!

Mommy bought the decorations and Auntie Tiffani decorated!

While Amy (Nurse Practitioner) and Auntie Tiffani were cleaning up her poop (a massive 25cc), examining her stitches and putting on a new bag, Brinson was just looking around and not bothered at all. She was just eating all the attention up. BTW Turn the sound down if you don't want to hear all the medical mumbo jumbo.

Are you looking at me?

Mommy dressed Brinson up in a 4th of July outfit.

The beautiful 4th of July hat was made by some from friends of Noah's Mom. They made hats for every baby on Level 3 (24) and the remaining 26 went to Level 2 babies.

BTW if you could not tell from the videos and pictures, Brinson is doing much better.
Happy Baby = Happy Parents, it is amazing how it directly translates. She is down to 47% O2 and still on a rate of 20bpm. She will get another blood gas tomorrow morning to see how she is doing. She still has a few more doses of morphine but after those are done they will start weening so they can get her to CPAP. They are still doing dry weights for her. My guess as soon as she is cleared for holding then daily or bi-weekly weighings will commence.


Anonymous said...

Yaaaayyyyy Brinson. No army on earth ever fought as hard as you girl !!! Keep it up sweetie, you will be h--- before you know. That will be your real independence day.
Thank you God for reaching down and touching our little princess !!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Independence Day was a good one. Keep up the good work. Love seeing so many pics and videos. Thanks Ned for feeding the "junkies". She is a sweet heart for sure.
Aunt B