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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, July 4, 2008

Brinson having a better day

Brinson has been getting more rest, not just drug induced. That is very good. Otherwise we have a cranky Brinson.

The line is a success, which is very good. Less sticks per hour is always a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Very Good Indeed!!!

I hope she feels my love from the blanket... thanks guys...
Aunt B

Anonymous said...

Good news, keep it up can do it !!!
Thanks for the new pictures, she looks good !! Glad to see her getting the best "medicine" on earth...kisses from mommy and daddy !

Anonymous said...

Glad she is doing so well. I know she will be having "more" better days ahead!

Happy 4th of July Brinson, Mom and Dad! Next year you will really be able to celebrate!

Thanks for keeping us up on the news. You know Ned and Lisa, you have to keep this blog going at least 'til she gradutaes from college or longer! We are so addicted to sweet little Brinson and her progress!

Thinking of her often, kristi