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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Central line is in!!!

Dr. Minkes put in a subcutaneous central line without a tunnel. This means a smaller incision. He thinks we just need a few weeks till we ramp up to full feeds.

We have not gotten to see her yet because of 2 other procedures afterwards.


The Baldwin Family said...

This is such great news! Yay Brinson!

Love and prayers -

The Baldwins

Anonymous said...

Great news!
We continue to think of and pray for your little "princess".
Thank you God for the central line, therefore less pain to Brin. We also ask that her pain be relieved, her infection cleared, her little tummy begin working and mommy and daddy be allowed to do what they do best, watch over, love and comfort Brin.In God's holy name.....Amen

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. So glad her doctors are taking such good care. Soon she will be taking bottle after bottle and be relaxed and breathing on her own. Just a few more steps and then H---.

Take care of our little princess and take care of yourselves!!!
Aunt B

Anonymous said...

Yipee! So excited to hear the good news. As a mother, when your baby is hurting and in paid, so are you. Healing wishes headed your way!! Come on poop!

Cuddle with your chubbie cheeks! She is too cute. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Praying for Brinson and Noah,