Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, July 4, 2008


We have poop. Brinson is doing great. This afternoon she has been awake. I even got to dress her in an independence day outfit.

Her wounds from surgery look very good...healing nicely. She is down on her oxygen. And they will try to feed her on Monday, which is awesome.

We had a train on grandparents and parents vying for Brinson's attention.

All the thoughts and prayers are working. Thanks million!!!


Anonymous said...

POOP !!!!
i'm gonna go find a firecracker !!!! yeah Brinson.
love, dy

Anonymous said...

Great news!! She is about to show us all her talents. Drinking bottles, breathing easily. All is around the next corner. Thanks for letting us know the latest knews for us Brin junkies!! Good news to celebrate~

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hopefully from now on she will be a poopin' machine!!!!

Best news all day!! Been glued to the blog all day. Brinson had her own Fireworks.

How much does our little princess weight these days?? She will probably need a new headband & bow!

Praying for continued poop, feedings, easy breathing, healing AND for little Noah-kristi