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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, July 12, 2008


If I had to describe Brinson in one word, I would say GRUMPY. She had her shots and was not happy about it. And she just hates CPAP. Those 2 things just put her over the top.

She is still on about 23% oxygen. They went up on her feeds from 2.3cc per hour to 3.5cc per hour. That is great news.

Her eyes are doing great, no eye test 2 weeks from this past Tuesday. (usually they check every week, the fact that they are checking less frequent speaks volumes).

Oh what is touching my face...hmmm....ahhh...oh wait those are my hands.

Daddy, let me show you how to hold my pacifier

Hold it right here!

Remember when this ring fit around her arm.

Hi Mommy and Daddy.....UGH....wait....I hate this freaking CPAP.

Look at the pretty colors....


meme said...

Ohhh I miss you Brinson, mommy and daddy...will see you real soon.

Anonymous said...

Mommy was so nice to give Brin a mobile...

Wonderful news about the feeds and the eyes.... keep it up little one!!
Aunt B

The Baldwin Family said...

Brinson is doing so well. I haven't had a chance to look at the blog for a while ... but now I see what I have been missing. And Brinson ... I don't blame you about not wanting that CPAP ... it would drive me "INSANE" to have to look at that hose coming off my nose like that 24/7.
I love the picture of her holding your fingers with both hands ... it is so precious ... just like little Brin is.
She is just AMAZING. Kim (Zachary's Mommy)keeps me posted, but I see that I still need to check the blog more often too.

I know that this has just been so draining, both physically and emotionally. But Ned and Lisa ... you are both amazing as well.

Hang in there,
Stephen (Zachary's Daddy)