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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dinner with the Rahmans

Last night after Noah's surgery we had "Dinner" with the Rahman's.....if you call Beer and Pizza dinner, then we did. We all had a great time, we told stories about our kids and better yet the Rahman's got to vent a bit. Which is a must, if that is one thing I have learned is you have to be able to vent to someone and not always your partner. The NICU process is very very and I mean very stressful plus we all have lives on top of it. Eventually you explode (right Jimmy? (Ellie's dad)) if you can't vent.

Noah is doing very well and we know he will have a fast recovery.


Anonymous said...

Great news, go Noah !!
keep us up.

Yarbrough Family said...

Explode? Who Me? I am a calm cool Kat always.. :-)