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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Late night....but a good thing

Last night we all had to wait till about 930pm as several babies were having emergency surgery. Hopefully everything went ok. As we were waiting (outside the door of NICU) we got an opportunity to meet new people and share stories about our baby.

After getting in 3 grandparents (Grampa, Nana and Abuelo) got to see Brinson before and after bath time, which is a real treat these days. Bathtime is only every 2 or 3 days.

Last night Brinson was practicing a new trick....trying to roll over which Nana and Mommy got to see first.

Here is my central line scar...ouchy!

I am wide awake, but really I am very sleepy.....hard to tell with my eyes so wide open.

All dressed and ready for bed, Daddy is tucking me in for the night.

Brinson is doing quiet well. We are ramping up on feeds slowly and lowering nitric until Tuesday. Then they will check and make sure everything is ok before we attempt the cannulas.


Anonymous said...

Nana said bathtime was fun last night... a wide awake young lady to visit...
I am assuming that is the old line scar... and she had a new one now. Doesn't look bad and will disappear with time.

She looks great... keep the good news coming...
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Go Brinson,
Love hearing good news about you princess...God truly answers our prayers. We are asking Him for the next week or two to go well too so you can get on with your ride H_ _ _ !!
hugs and kisses..