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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, July 11, 2008

Before and After Bathtime

I am so sleepy Mommy and Daddy. I was awake all day.

Yes I am grinning, I love to grin right before bath time.

Whoa! It is cold in here.

It's Bath time yeah!!!!

Mommmmmeeeee, that're.....scrubbing

Getting dressed....difficult?

Hey look at spinning leaves and animals...they're so pretty...

My eyes are open, but I am zoning big time

I am so sleepy after bath time.....



Anonymous said...

ummm...ned? I think you still missed one?

BTW, TBFC will be glad to offer girl classes ie: hair-fixin, pink-dressin, and other necessities.

Anonymous said...

Have a good weekend Princess Brin!

And mommy and daddy too!

Anonymous said...

Seeing Mommy's hand wash Brin's head brings home the fact she still is small... but oh so cute with those chubby cheeks...
Loved the new outfits...

Have a good weekend.
Aunt B