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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where are my teeth?

What a beautiful family!
Mommy is so happy

Yesterday both Daddy and Mommy got to hold Brinson. What a treat. There is a lot of guesstimating going on around when Brinson will go home and go to Level 2 NICU (where they focus on getting you out the door).

Mommy and Daddy were a bit freaked by the comments of she could be home in less than 1 month (1st week of July) and maybe even on her original due date (June 26th).
She is doing so well. When they put her on nasal cannulas she was using 1L of O2 at 100% and now she is on a 1/2L. Today we will see her blood gas and know how well she is really doing.

Also they still have her in a warmer without the warmer on. She is bundled up. The jury is still out on whether she can continue to tolerate the environment without a warmer. She may go to a crib or an incubator...not sure.

To go home she needs to be breathing on her own (check) and regulating her own temperature without a heater (maybe check) and drinking 8 bottles a day (no progress yet).

We will start feeds 7 days post operation (Tuesday). Based on her age and size they are assuming she will take like a duck to water and accelerate quite rapidly.

Who is tickling my head?
Where are my teeth?
I don't know where are you teeth?

Watch the video, the gumming is pretty funny. We think she is just hungry.


Anonymous said...

What a great treat to both be able to hold her. Pretty soon she will be home and you will be tossing her up in the air.

Any Poop yet?? She's gotta be hungry!! By the time she starts eatting again... she won't stop!!
Love ya,

Elena said...

HI! Still following your saga! Just a warning - I was given THREE DAYS notice that my preemie was coming home!

I had it in my head that she would be home "Around her due date" (Aug 18) and she came home JULY 12!! YIKES! I did NOT feel prepared at all, and was very scared to leave the safety net of people I had come to depend on. It was an exciting, scary, day, but we have not looked back!!

Best of luck to you!