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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 101 of Life!

You don't need that yucky pacifier
yes I do!
Is that a smile!
Are you peeking?
Nope, I am sleeping Daddy and Mommy

Brinson is strong girl even throughout the day of not breathing five times, she was still sucking on her pacifier, crawling out of her snuggly and backing out of the prongs like nothing was happening.

She has gained about 100grams to 4lbs 12.4oz or 4 3/4 pounds

They are going up on her feeds from 6cc to 12cc......BTW we are still waiting on the poop. Also Brin will be put in a crib today, because she is able to maintain her own temperature.

Thanks family and friends, it is good to see everyone pull together in good times and bad.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures, we've been checking all morning.
She looks wonderful ! The poopy prayers are on their way. Hope mom and dad got some rest.

Anonymous said...

Thank God and all the prayers. Sounds like things are better today. 101 days is a big hurdle!Yea. The pictures are great- smile is so precious. You kids deserve somekind of reward for all that you and Brinson have gone through, and the reward is coming from God. Keep up the good work.
Love ya all Mary S.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Father's Day.

Dr G