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Monday, June 9, 2008

Holding Brinson

Meme had a much better time holding Brinson. Previous times Brinson was acting up.
Wax on, wax off!Mommy trying to get Brinson to open her eyes. It was quite bright in the pod yesterday.
Can you say blue
Auntie Tiffani
Something is different....oh I am upright!

Brinson got held yesterday. Now that there is no limit on the amount of holding....she got held.

Today they do an X-ray of her wrists to check for weakness of the bones. Tomorrow she gets another eye exam.....keep your thoughts and prayers coming. Hopefully she will not need more eye surgery.

BTW over the weekend they moved her from 1L to 1/4L of O2. She is requiring less and less oxygen. Go Brinson!!!


Anonymous said...

Look at our little girl GROW!!!!
WEAK WRISTS...?? Gotta take after your Aunt B... even after a broken wrist... I have a stronger grip then most. I EXPECT NOTHING LESS YOUNG LADY!!!

Love ya,

Dismay aka Mandy said...

Awww she is gona be home soon!! I'm so glad shes doing well and that you guys are good too :)

Anonymous said...

Go MEme and Brinson. Brinson just wait until Meme sings Amazing Grace. ( Iam sure she has already)The comfort that song brings will let you know just how special you are, Meme only sings it to special people. Prayers are still going strong for all of you. Love ya Mary S.