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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Survived the first 24 hours

Well off to a long night with Brinson wide awake. She did catnap, but we think she was trying to acclimatize to all the bassinet, new bed, not being the in nicu, parents...etc

Between Mommy and Daddy, we got 7hours total sleep (in shifts). Brinson was very fussy, not crying, just not resting.

Around 430am during the storm, Daddy goes out for some Mylacon....for gassy Brinson to see if that would alleviate things..... No it did not.

Daddy and Brinson watching the olympics.

As soon as dawn arrived Mommy was getting all of Brinson's Medical appointments set. Also Homehealth nurse stopped by today and gave us some more tips on the ostomy bag.

Look at that happy baby!

And the catnapping begins

Now Mommy's turn!

Brinson's new bed

After staying awake all day, around 7pm tonight (while Daddy is making dinner) Brinson is finally sleeping...instead just catnapping. YEAH!!!


Anonymous said...

Gotta know... where the catnapping pictures staged... or did each of you get the other?

Hopefully you'll "wear her down"... and she will adjust!
Love ya...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ned, Lisa and Brinson,

I'm so glad that Brinson is home!! Congratulations and good luck!! If it makes you feel any better, Tex went to bed the other night at 11:30 pm, was up again at 1:30 am and 5:30 am. Last night, he only woke up once at 3:30 am so that was a little easier. He just started mostly sleeping through the night a few weeks ago, at five months. So I can definitely sympathize with your sleep deprivation issues. You all have been through so much together, I wish you the best. Lisa, please call if you want to chat, vent, gloat, whatever! Take care, Ben, McCourt, Eben, Grayson, Jewel and Tex