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Friday, August 22, 2008

2 days of sleeping through the night

After not sleeping the first night (well not very long), we all got much better sleep the next 2 nights. The main reason, Brinson slept through the night. Not one night but 2 nights in a row.

Today we had a big day.....why you ask? Well because we went out. Yes out. Whats the big deal?

To go out requires 3 systems (Oxygen, Feeding pump and Apnea alarm) to made portable, bring normal baby stuff and then of course get Brinson in the car (sort of new at all this). It turns out that it is not that bad even with all that extra stuff. Mommy was prepared with ostomy supplies and extra Neocate. Because I don't think we expected to be there till after 5pm. (roughly 5 hours out)

Our pediatrician is Dr. Rossell (nice lady and very quick to act) turns out Brinson has gained ~ 6oz since Tuesday....woowoo!. So the doctor is keeping everything the same. If it ain't broke don't fix it. She did see something "broken." Brinson has a tiny infection around her surgery site. The doctor (remember I said quick to act) calls Dr. Bloss (surgeon) and he agrees to look at it right now ( in 2 hours). So we go over to Women's hospital and wait.

Coincidently (*wink* *wink*) we ran into Sami and Laura (Noah's parents) and Auntie Tiffani while waiting.

After Dr. Bloss' inspection of the site (on the bench outside of the NICU). He agrees with Dr. Rossell and she is now on antibiotics. He was not really too worried about it. We will follow up next week hopefully when he is on our side of town. That guy really works hard and treats Brinson just like his own. He even gave her a little kiss on the forehead.

Is Brinson a flower? Watch out Anne Geddes!

Waiting for Dr. Rossell

Waiting for Dr. Bloss

Brinson is so excited about all the hub-bub! She catnapped all afternoon.

Can't forget about Mommy!

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