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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More "rooming in" photos

After nearly 6 months (Lisa in the hospital from Feb 25-March 9th, Cooper born on March 3rd and Brinson born on March 5th) Brinson is finally coming home. I can't tell you how excited we is nearly indescribable. The closest analogy is the most scary rollercoaster but afterwards you love it.....

The hospital staff has been so gracious and wonderful throughout. I don't know how they do it. It takes very special people to take care of these fragile and strong-willed multi-million dollar miracles. And how do they take listen to the parents complain, I will never know. Thanks guys for being so patient with us, sharing and being so made being there so much easier. And most of all thanks for taking wonderful care of "THE BRINSON"

I will post photos of today after she gets home, but I can tell you as I am writing there has been a lot of hustle bustle this morning to get things ready for Brinson.

BTW Brinson even got her first phone call this morning from Grandfather in Trinidad.

And big thanks to southwest security/mobility team at Cisco, Mommy and Brinson received flowers as I am typing this am.

Enjoy the photos from Sunday morning!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Brinson!! So happy for you all! Enjoy having that sweet baby doll at home and with you at all times. What a wonderful day!