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Monday, July 14, 2008

Up again on feeds

We are now at 6.8cc per hour on the feeds. They are cutting back on the IV stuff. She gets about 3/5 from IV and 2/5 from neocate. So that is about 160cc a from neocate, when is she about 405cc or 16.9 cc per hour if my math is accurate. Now that all changes when she goes to up in weight.

Here are some videos and pictures from yesterday.

Mommy, hold it right here. Yeah right, I can suck the rubber off now. Tanks!

Mommy put up a feather boa, but we had to take it down. Too many particles and all the babies are on respirators. Not good. But a neat idea.

Brinson slept most of time while I held her yesterday. Part of time, I was playing what I like to call "nasal cowboy." That is where I try to keep the CPAP in her nose while Brin wrestles around.

Mommy, I am sleepy.

What a smile Daddy has, even Brin is wide-eyed about it.

Hi Daddy!

Look at all the pretty colors....

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Anonymous said...

Keep up on those feeds. Great going... we want you H--- soon!!

You are going in the right direction. Tell Mommy she is so nice to hold the pacifier just right...
Aunt b