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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All good things

Brinson is doing very well and is tolerating her increased feeds of 6.8cc per hour. She is on 22 percent oxygen this morning...yah! She had an ultrasound at 2am to check for stones and such. We don't have the results as of yet.

I love watching Mother and daughter connect with each other. It is so neat.

When she is out, she is out. It does not matter if the pacifier is half way out.

Stop, I am sleeping. It is funny because the hands are always out there

Hiccups from 2 nights ago....videos would not upload yesterday for some reason.

Brinson is talking with her hands...


Anonymous said...

It is videos and pictures such as this that brings tears to my eyes... she is so lovely and precious.

Keep up on the feeds.... we want you H---!!!
Love, Aunt B

The Baldwin Family said...

It sure sounds glad to read that things are going so well. Keep up the good work Brinson, Mommy and Daddy!

Anonymous said...

GOOOOO Brinson !!!!
All positive news, keep it coming sweetie, Can't wait to see that beautiful face again without the "snorkle"
love ya