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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We hate the unknown!

Brinson has had a few more not breathing episodes (2 last night and 2 today) . They are not sure what is going on. They think she needs to poop and that she might have a urinary infection.

She had an eye exam today and the right eye is fine but the left could need some attention. They will check again in a week.

Her echo and ekg have been postoned till the 19th.


The Baldwin Family said...

Hey Lisa and Ned ...

I just wanted to let you know that Brinson and you two are in our prayers. Hopefully everything will come out clear on Brinson's next eye exam. Brinson is such a strong little girl and I know she will work through all of this. Keep thinking positive and we will too. Zachary needs his little play mate to pull through and come home so they can play together.

Our thought are with ya'll

~ The Baldwins

Anonymous said...

Nuff Said!
Aunt B

PS... but I have faith all will be well VERY SOON!