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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Much better day

Yesterday was a much better day. Brinson had less episodes and no bagging lately. She has less oxygen requirements and more reserves.

They started feeding her yesterday, but I think they are still being cautious because she still has no significant poop. I just got off the phone while doing this blog and they have now stopped the feeding today because her belly is getting bigger. So they are going to do an upper GI study on Monday.

She is still having a lot of congestion and they are not sure what is causing that. They are hoping the increase in the lasix will correct that.

The ENT saw her today and she has a floppy airway, I am NOT clear on how severe it is. This can cause in issue with breathing and eating. While being scoped today to look at her airway, they discovered that her left vocal cord is not firing which could be a long term side effect of PDA surgery. Also her cords were pretty inflamed so they think her reflux is pretty severe....which is not unusual for preemies and can contribute to the episodes that we have been seeing.

Brinson is also going to see a neurologist on Monday or Tuesday because there is a possibility that the episodes are being caused by a brain issue.

Today Mommy and Daddy took a break. I stayed around the house and fixed the rocking chair Mommy got for Mother's day (the chair I was rocked in as a baby, my father gave to my mother for her first mother's day) Thanks Sami (Noah's Father) for all the help with the chair.

Mommy is taking a break at her baby shower and I am sure she is having a ton of fun.

Enjoy the pictures and video, I know we did!

Proud Daddy!

I am just surprised how awake she is.. Barbara is trying to get her bedding straight. If you are wondering about the headband was a hat and we cut the top off because Brin gets hot.
This is first time we see her track something with her eyes....pretty cool

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