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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, April 4, 2008

Things went well today

After Lisa and I got to hold Brinson. We were on a high you could not believe.

Around ~630pm she had surgery on her gut. We talked to Dr. Minkes and he thinks the surgery went well. He pulled out the stoma and put in a rubber tube through the stoma to keep it from going back in. The rubber tube will stay in for 10 days.

We also found out she has a staph infection in her lungs. They are not too worried because antibiotics are on board and she is breathing quite well.

In fact, she was saturating O2 on 25% this afternoon and 24% after surgery this evening. He CO2 is pretty good and her glucose has been.

Since she was paralyzed for the surgery I was able to snap a few photos while she was still.
Compare these ring shots. The one on top is from March 7th. The one on bottom is from today. My wedding ring will no longer fit on her arm.

Look how small her fingers!

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