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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Room with a View!

Well they have Brinson off the paralytic and fentanyl. Because she is off those meds, Brinson is kind of squirmy, but still able to saturate.....which is good. They took her off the meds above because they are thinking that it might be slowing her digestion.

They have started the morphine to be given every 4 hours. Her oxygenation labs have not been great and there is concern of an infection.

They have made an adjustment to her tube (pulled it out some) in hope that will correct the bad labs. If the tube is too deep than oxygen is not put evenly in both lungs.

They also increased her rate from 30bpm to 35bpm.

Also her BP is borderline......they are not sure why but will continue to monitor via the cuff every 2 hours....the ART line is still not working.....and is getting slow for blood draws.

I have a big work day tomorrow, so I have to get prepared after dinner. I think Nana is coming for a visit. BTW it is her Birthday on Thrusday. Also Lisa and I met 13 years ago tomorrow.

I will leave you with one photo from a few days ago. I call it "Room with a View." Here you see Cooper and Brinson getting some natural sunlight.

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Anonymous said...

Happy one month Brin. We are all so happy and blessed to have you in our lives!!