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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, March 31, 2008

Brinson is up 3/4lb

Brinson was weighed just a few minutes ago. She weighs 887g or 1lb 15oz.

Before weighing she was on 29% oxygen at 30 bpm.

All her vitals look good.

Because of the new weight class she is in they feel comfortable going to the larger ET tube. The current tube leaks quite a bit. So this should help her get better oxygen.


Anonymous said...

Well, Ms. Brin, I know as you get older you will not be happy about gaining weight... but right now, that is FANTASTIC!!

Mommie's milk must be good!!!
Aunt b

ellioth said...

Are they saying that diaper makes you look fat?

Anonymous said...

My mom works with Kit and forwarded me this link. What a tough little girl Brinson is! And what an amazing family she has, lots of prayers coming ya'lls way!